Hexprog Ecu Cloning Tool

Welcome to Hexprog

The most affordable tool for Ecu Cloning/Chip Tuning

HexProg Chip Tuning And ECU Programming Tool

Hexprog Chip Tuning is the professional tool you will need to repair, clone and make chip tuning for wide range of Ecus/Tcus.

Hexprog covers a wide range of Ecus and Tcus from different manufacturers and different brands, you can check the list from: Hexprog Ecu List

Hexprog Key Features

  • Master version. One License for all protocols On bench and OBD.
  • Supports one of the largest Ecu/Tcu list in Cars and Trucks.
  • Reads all BMW long ISN from BMW DME and DDE including MD1 and MG1 in F/G series.
  • Supports online services like IMMO OFF, DPF OFF, EGR OFF, Addblue,...etc.
  • All adapters and modules are included when you order Hexprog.
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Included Parts

Hexprog Power Module
Power Module And BDM

Essential parts, used for Ecu Cloning and BDM functions

Hexprog OBD Cable
OBD cable

This cable is used for ECU and TCU Chip tuning in Hexprog

Hexprog MPC Module
MPC Module

Used for Ecus have MPC55X and MPC56X Microcontrollers

Hexprog JTAG Module
Jtag Module

Used in Boot Mode function for wide range of Ecus/Tcus

Hexprog EEPROM Module

Used for different EEPROM reast, read and write functions

Key Reader Module

This module is used for reading the EE contents of keys

Hexprog Testimonials


I'm a very happy customer of Micro-tronik company regarding their tool, Hexprog that I have for more than 2 years now doing wonders with it almost every day. It's reliable and fast in reading and writing most of the ecus in the market. lm also very happy about the technical support the te...

JG BMW service

I have been customer for Autohex and Hextag since many years. This is the best software if you are working with BMW cars. When they added Cloning function on Hexprog software it helped to expand my business for Tuning and other services for ECU. Also, I should say Microtronik Team has the best su...


This tool became invaluable for my Company! We are so grateful for have incorporated Autohex II to Ross Remap Solutions.

One day, someone brought us in a CAS3+ ITSA45 which they tried to reflash using a clone equipment and, as a result, the information got corrupted. Fortunately, we hav...

AEC Auto Electronics and Coding

AEC are pleased to present that we have in our company the best tool worldwide for BMW-Mini Cooper from our Microtronik team.  Autohex ll and Hexprog are having...

Albania Diesel

Hexprog is a very fantastic module very easy to use the program read is very well identified in many programs such as ECM TITANIUM, WINOLS, STAGEX and all others reading. Siemens writing is very easy do not have a password for write for sid208 or for unlock of PCR 2.1 is not problem for hexprog t...

Hexprog Methods

Factory Mode (On Bench)

Hexprog Ecu Cloning

Factory Mode

Supports 2 channels of CAN-BUS and K-Line as well as L-Line

Boot Mode

Hexprog Programming tool

Boot Mode

Supports: Tricore Boot, MPC5XX BDM, ST10 Boot, JTAG MPC5XXX, JTAG Renases, AUD NEC

OBD Mode

Hexprog Chip Tuning

OBD Mode

CAN-BUS, Ext CAN-BUS, K-Line and L-Line

Hexprog News

HexProg Chip Tuning Software Version 1.0.63

HexProg Chip Tuning Software Version 1.0.63

Main GM TCUs are available in this update like AC Delco 6L45, 6L50, 6L80. 6L90.As well as BMW EGS for older M series cars (Temic DKG 436 Gen1) . We added more Ecus for different models too.

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HexProg Chip Tuning Software Version 1.0.62

HexProg Chip Tuning Software Version 1.0.62

TCUs like VAG DQ500 MQB , Ford DPS6 are supported starting from this version. More Delphi Ecus like DCM3.1 in Ford and Ssangyong. More Ecus like Continental SIM2K-141 For Kia/Huyndai.

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HexProg Chip Tuning Software Version 1.0.60

HexProg Chip Tuning Software Version 1.0.60

AC-DELCO E92 and E98 are supported on Bench (Factory Mode), AC-DELCO E80 and E82 are available in Boot Mode. Suzuki Denso MB112300-09xx is ready in Factory mode.

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